Patriot Teacher of the Year Nominee Suspended for Alleged Assault on Student Who Refused to Stand for Pledge

Fox News recently covered a story of a gym teacher who stood accused of “assaulting” a student for standing for the pledge of allegiance.

The story goes that Karen Smith of Lafayette, Colorado stood accused of “assaulting” a student at Angevine Middle School after the student refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance.

While the story doesn’t directly tell exactly what action this gym teacher took that rose to the level of “assault,” I’ve seen various claims by some folks that the “assault” consisted of grabbing the child’s arm and forcing the child to stand during the pledge of allegiance.

For the sake of expediency, let’s just assume that this claim really is the extent of the action this teacher took.

She grabbed the kid by the arm and pulled the kid up to stand for the pledge of allegiance.
For a little background on the history of the pledge of allegiance, here’s a video I did on this very topic, just so we have some context to what we’re actually talking about:

The TL:DW (Too long, didn’t watch) version of the video is this:  the Pledge of Allegiance comes from a socialist who created something called the Bellamy Salute, which is the same exact salute as the Hitler salute.

Now, for a little more background, let’s add this little bit of information.

In the now famous case of West Virginia State Board of Ed v Barnette (1943) the Supreme Court, feeling particularly benevolent that day as the black robed masters of the land, determined that the Pledge of Allegiance could not be forced on children, that children could choose not to stand for the pledge of allegiance, that they didn’t have to participate in the pledge at all.  Just keep that in mind.

Now, this story in and of itself is not necessarily a story I would have chosen to cover on iState.TV.  My co-host on iSDaily Thursday, Lou Sander, brought to my attention the comments on this story from Fox News.  The Comments on this story really are worth covering, even more so than the story itself.

What you will see in the comment section of this story are people who openly cheer on this woman’s actions, who are calling anyone who might question her actions commies and lefties (for defending the right of a child not to be forced to participate in a socialist-inspired state cultist ritual at the beginning of a public school day).

Here is a story of how the state need not take some form of coercive action to shorten our leashes, many of us are more than willing to do that ourselves.

Here are some of the choice comments from that article (if you’d like to read for yourself, go here).

Mighty D-
“My high school Spanish teacher hauled off and punched me in the back one time. I didn’t say anything because I was being a pain in the butt, I definitely deserved it.”

“Fire that ignorant lady, never allow her to teach again and sue her for damages.”

A couple of responses to this:
“And you are the reason kids act the way they do!!!:

“She’s just doing what the parents should be doing but in todays world parents are controlled by the children.”

More comments:

“The far left loves this…..I’m sure this kid was already a behavior problem child and well-versed in manipulating circumstances that make it appear that they are the victims. They only have to watch TV or be exposed to their parents’ conversations to develop the skill. We should be supporting the teacher and expose the kid and the family.”

“Thank heavens someone has some common sense in this situation; “Parents told CBS Denver that the incident appeared to be ‘blown out of proportion’.”

Another one from AustinMilbargGLG20:
“She should have beathisass!!!!”

Response to this
“Well, a beating would be a way to keep her out of the classroom (or school gym) forever. While she may not belong in public education she should also not assault students. Leave the beatings to private schools; parents should have to pay extra for that service.”

To this comment, AustinMilbargGLG20 retorted:
“And that is why kids act the way they do now!!!!”

More comments:
“When I was in school, standing for the pledge was almost a Pavlovian response.  I’m baffled to where this dissidence for things American came from in the most recent years.”

Iken Red:
“Teacher of The Year! Give this patriot a raise.”

“She has my vote for teacher of the year! LOL”

“I will tell you what the “assault” was — the teacher grabbed him by the arm guided him into standing position. This is the kind of action teachers would take to correct a wrong when I was young. Now, it is a crime. If we had more teachers like her the kids nowadays would not be as sorry as they are.”

As you can see from the comments (and this is just a small representation of many, many more responses along these lines found in the comment section of that article), there are a lot of people out there not only willing to tolerate the shorter leash from the master, they’re willing to shorten it themselves, all in the name of muh patriotisms and muh flags.

They’re even willing to cheer on thugs like this gym teacher, who might very well grab one of their own kids to FORCE them to stand for a ritual invented by a socialist for the purpose of moving America away from individualism and towards collectivism.

Well played patriots, but the next time you accuse people of being leftists and commies for being upset with this teacher, maybe look in the mirror. You ARE the commie you imagine you are fighting.



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