Pentagon Supports Requiring Women Register for the Draft like Men Do


Women are becoming more and more equal every day.  One of the signs was a recent decision by the Pentagon to recommend that women join men in being compelled to register with selective service.

What is selective service?  It’s essentially a database for Generals to draw from in the event that your leaders determine it is now ok to press you into war slavery, that is, to draft you to serve in the military.  The move is sure to excite feminists everywhere.

From the Washington Times

Pentagon advocates requiring women to sign up for military draft

The Pentagon says the country should stick with mandatory registration for a military draft, and it advocates a requirement for women to sign up for the first time in the nation’s history.

The recommendations are contained in a Defense Department report to Congress that serves as a starting point for a commission examining military, national and public service.

Congress ordered the Pentagon report, and the office of the undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness completed it in the early months of the Trump administration.

Currently, only male citizens and residents age 18-25 are required to register, for a pace of about 2 million each year.

Women, whom the government has never ordered to sign up, would add 11 million to the Selective Service System database “in short order,” the report says.


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