Philly DA Reveals it Has a Super Secret List of Alleged Corrupt Cops

Let’s play a game of “see if you can figure out what’s wrong with this story.”  Please read the excerpt, and then my notes that I’ve added after the excerpt.

Philadelphia’s DA office keeps secret list of suspect police

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office last year secretly compiled a list of  Philadelphia police officers with a history of lying, racial bias, or brutality, in a move to block them from testifying in court.

The confidential list of about two dozen was assembled by prosecutors on a special Police Misconduct Review Committee at the order of former District Attorney Seth Williams, sources familiar with the roster said. .

It was supposed to attack locally a national problem: police “testilying” — falsifying evidence, framing suspects, and lying about it in court.

The list has not been made public, but the sources said it included Reginald V. Graham, who in 2007 arrested the rapper Meek Mill, whose jailing for violating probation on those gun and drug charges has stirred widespread debate about the fairness of the criminal-justice system



If you’re playing along at home, the “see if you can figure out what’s wrong with this story” winning answer is this; if the Philadelphia DA’s office had a list of cops they knew were liars, bigots, racists, or brute thugs (or, probably in most cases, a combination of all of these ‘charming’ qualities), why did they not turn over their suspicions to the Internal Affairs?

Why did they simply try to prevent them from testifying (so as not to pollute the cases they wanted to win)?  Questions, questions, questions, and some of us know the answers, but most of us don’t want to hear those answers.

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