Plot to Assassinate Theresa May Foiled by Scotland Yard

Using knives and a bomb, two Islamists were plotting to kill the British Prime Minister, Theresa May.  The plot was foiled by Scotland Yard.  It appears the men were being tracked.  When it was determined they were preparing to execute their plan, Scotland Yard intervened.

The question for the skeptic, which I am, is this, did they get led into this plot by the same personnel that arrested them?  Such tactics have been known to take place, especially right here in America.

It is an easy way to win points for your department, points that justify further funding at the levels you are currently enjoying, if not experiencing an increase in funding for your department.

Plot to blow up Theresa May is foiled: Suicide bombers armed with knives planned to murder the Prime Minister in …

The security services believe they have stopped an Islamist suicide bomb plot to assassinate the Prime Minister.

Two Muslim men are suspected of conspiring to attack Downing Street armed with an improvised bomb, suicide vest and knives.

Investigators suspect the pair wanted to detonate a bomb disguised as a bag. They would then attempt to kill Theresa May armed with a suicide vest, pepper spray and knife in the aftermath.

Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, and Mohammed Aqib Imran, 21, will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday charged with planning terror attacks.

Rahman, 20, from north London, is accused of planning to bomb Downing Street’s security gates and then attack the Prime Minister in the ensuing chaos.

The alleged conspiracy was foiled after a joint operation by Scotland Yard, West Midlands Police and MI5. Security chiefs stepped in amid fears the men were preparing to launch an attack, arresting them at gunpoint.

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