Police Department in OK to Use Unmanned Drones to “Fight Crime”

A police department in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is now incorporating unmanned drones to spy on the citizens of the community.  The system was donated by an unnamed donor.  Thanks unnamed donor for supporting your local extortion department, I appreciate that.  If you’re a resident of Broken Arrow, welcome to your life under drone surveillance, but don’t worry, the drones are there to protect you.

Broken Arrow Police launch Unmanned Aerial System Program using drones to fight crime

Broken Arrow Police are using new high-tech eyes in the sky to fight crime in their community. The department announced a new Unmanned Aerial System Program or UAS.

Officers will use the drone to get an aerial view of a crime scene or a collision scene. Public Information Officer James Koch said, “having an aerial view let’s us know what is immediately in the area without having to physically walk over to that building.”

Because the UAS is so small they can provide a birds eye view and access small spaces where helicopters cannot.

Police said they won’t use the UAS for routine patrols, warrantless searches or weapons platforms. Officer Koch said “If it’s deployed to assist our special operations team we are not putting any type of weapons equipment on that at all.”

The system was donated by the Broken Arrow Police Department Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association.

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