Your Policy is a Gun, and Your Friend is Being Targeted

If we internalized the violence ramifications our own family members, friends, neighbors will face if we support this or that ‘state’ or ‘market’ actions or associative action, perhaps then consensuality would have its conditions to thrive.
Until then, those who pursue consensuality must understand they are surrounded by family, friends, neighbors that do not. They support the continued use of violence to satisfy their preferences, but they give themselves the spooks of high-church moralities to balm their feelz when they realize they’re actually threatening their uncle, their librarian, their daughter, etc, with death if they don’t comply with their demands to follow their moral code.
None of you, the majority (by far) of you who might see this post, care that you threaten your uncle, your mechanic, with death. You refuse to see it.
It’s your ability to not own the murder you support that is the ultimate source of power for those who wish to use your minds, your spirit, your flesh, to kill and die so that, first and foremost, those who sent you to kill and die can continue to expand their privilege over the very people who have been so conditioned to sign up for the murder and suicide parade.
Every day thousands die through the death by a thousand cuts executions this system, the system you are all eager to kill and die for, requires to continue to exist at all.
The root is not racism, bigotry, xenophbnia, cultural marxism, communism, lookism, or sexism (etc). The root is this- to imagine economic and/or physical ruination against the other, not for the actions they took but for the group they ‘belong’ to, whether by choice, birth, or circumstance.
The wider the swathe of potential subhumans worthy of ruination, the more effective the human weapon becomes for the people that give the orders to kill and die.
You don’t destroy people if they’re not subhuman. You just don’t.
And yeah, there’s a lot of self-described anarchists out there that are nothing more than meat puppet tools, human weapons, controlled like marionettes, by the very people they imagine they are bringing down, the people who write the orders to kill and die.