Politics NewsTicker – April 20th, 2018

Gun Watch
NRA-Backed Laws Are Still Being Passed in Some State Legislatures
Pro Gun Group Sues Illinois Agency Over Day Care Operator’s Gun Rights
Daily Bulletin: 57 Percent of Teens Fear Shootings at Their Schools. 64 Percent of Young Voters Want Tougher Gun …
Does This Illinois Town Have the Country’s Toughest Gun Law?
Gun Clubs Sue Vt. Over Restrictions
A Memo to the Liberty Grabbers of the Left from the Pro-Liberty Right.
Swiss-made high-tech non-lethal JPX Piexon guns to handle aggressive prisoners
2nd Amendment Advocates Rally Outside NH State House
Hundreds rally at Utah Capitol to support 2nd Amendment
Legislative Watch
Louisiana Senators Shelve Bill to Ban ‘School Lunch Shaming’
Bill requiring Michiganders to work for Medicaid clears Senate
US Senate committee to vote on bill to protect Mueller next week
Bipartisan Opioid Bill Contains Contributions From Florida Senators
House bill would enhance sentencing guidelines for repeat offenders of immigration crimes
US Senate Blocks Vote On Coast Guard Bill
US senators introduce updated war powers bill
Senate Bill to Curtail Labor Rights on Tribal Land Falls Short
Senate bill would exempt ships from Clean Water Act
House Bill Would Cap Tipped Workers’ Minimum Wage
Senate moves to repeal Obama-era car loan rule
Judicial Watch
Federal judge considers ‘conditional’ approval of changes to police reform settlement
Federal Judge: Mueller’s Mandate May Be Too Broad
The Supreme Court voided part of a law requiring deportation for certain crimes. Here’s what that means
German Supreme Court rules ad blockers legal, in defeat for Springer
Canadian Supreme Court’s Beer Ruling Offers Few Clues for Kinder
Wisconsin Appeals Court Reinstates Spa Shooting Lawsuit
The Supreme Court must act on Internet sales taxes — because Congress won’t
Federal Courts Make Changes in Response to #MeToo Movement
Ohio Supreme Court upholds death penalty constitutionality
Hot Topics Watch
REVEALED: UK can get upper hand in Brexit talks by making EU focus on THIS country
Ex-Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort in court asking to have criminal case dropped
Google cuts fake ad blockers from Chrome Store: Were you among 20 million fooled?
European tax commissioner on the risks of an EU-US trade war
TRADE WAR: Russia facing crisis – unsold aluminium PILES HIGH as sanctions bite
Trade war causes huge increase in newsprint cost
US blocked from seizing $250 million 91.5-metre superyacht Equanimity
House approves IRS reform bills
Philadelphia Starbucks Customer: Supposedly Racist Manager ‘Is An SJW Feminist Of The Highest Order’


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