Politics Ticker – April 16th, 2018

Gun Watch
Why are people in Sabah making homemade guns? What is the law on this?
South Jersey Man Indicted For Making And Selling ‘Ghost Guns’
Why No One Wants to Back the Gun of the Future
It’s ‘official’ now, the Left has become the party of Gun Confiscation.
Gun confiscation orders will make Maine less safe
Bank of America Caves
Legislative Watch
House passes bill to streamline ‘Volcker Rule’
Mitch McConnell — yes, that Mitch McConnell — just introduced a bill to legalize hemp
Judicial Watch
Federal judge keeps hold on Trump transgender troop ban
Federal judge puts strict Kentucky abortion law on hold
Los Angeles can’t be punished for sanctuary city policies, federal judge rules
Hot Topics Watch
China, Japan Hold First Economic Talks in 8 Years in Trade War Shadow
IMF warning as trade war threats reach critical point
‘Antifa Civil War’ Fake News Story Treated As ‘Threat’ by DHS Officials, Emails Reveal
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