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The obvious way to spin those numbers is to claim that most voters wouldn’t be able to give you even a broad overview of what’s in either GOP health-care bill. Arguably that explains the Democratic reaction — it’s knee-jerk partisan opposition plus loyalty to ObamaCare — but what accounts for the shockingly weak Republican support? If the left is reacting blindly to the bill due to its dislike for Trump, why aren’t Republicans reacting similarly blindly in favor?

Could it be that … a more populist bill, with a sustained barnstorming effort by the president in support of it, might have produced something more popular in counties swayed by Trump’s populist message last year? Failing that, maybe declining to call the farking bill “mean” on camera after you threw a big party in the Rose Garden celebrating its passage might have pushed support for it into the teens, at least, in counties you won last year.

House Republicans aren’t coping so well with all of this tonight:

House Republicans appeared to be in denial Tuesday about the implosion of the GOP’s Obamacare repeal effort in the Senate, insisting a bill could still move forward…

“No, this is not dead,” said Rep. Richard Hudson, a North Carolina Republican who is close to GOP leadership. “Because all the people back home are suffering because they can’t afford health care. We’ve got to do something. We’ve got to.”…

“We took a whiff. Remember? We whiffed the ball back in March,” he said. “And so they need to sit back down, get in a room like we did, have hours and hours of meeting time…We’ve got lots of time. There’s a long summer ahead.”

Poll of counties won by Trump: Approval of House GOP health-care bill at … 12% – Hot Air


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