Potent Rope, the 3D Printable “Medical Edibles”

People use “medical edibles,” specifically marijuana in the form of food, for a variety of reasons, not all of which are actually, strictly speaking, medicinal. Well, you might soon be able to 3D print your medical edibles.

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Potent Rope is a 3D printing filament that contains a measured dose of medical cannabis, fit for creating consumables. While medical marijuana has made its way into a number of consumable forms (I’ve heard gummy bears are a big hit), being able to form your own on demand may well be a first. (Cannabis benchy, anyone?) We’ve seen hemp filament before, as well as 3D printing used to help in dosing medical cannabis, and to help keep it protected from children, but actual 3D printable cannabis itself is, to the best of my knowledge, pretty novel.

Paige Colen
When I first heard about Potent Rope, I had a lot of questions; its existence wasn’t necessarily surprising, but how realistic is it? Can you actually 3D print a hairy lion that can help to manage pain? What’s the science behind it? There’s no one better to fill in the blanks than the team behind the introduction, so I turned to Paige Colen, Co-Founder and COO of Potent Rope, as I had A Few Questions For her.

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3D Print Your Medical Edibles — A Few Questions For: Potent Rope

Cannabis is a loaded topic in many circles, particularly in the US, with medical marijuana currently legalized in 29 states and Washington, D.C.; 8 of those st

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