Power is Action- End Stop

Power is a neutral force that is subjectively interpreted as
‘good’ or ‘evil.’

Power is action. Action is defined as direct action and
influential action.

In the realm of human interaction, I submit the key categories
of power influence are three, with one having two significant sub-categories.

1. Force Influence
2. Ideational Influence
3. Demonstrable Influence
     a. Social Influence
     b. Evidentiary Influence

Influencers operate in three rules of engagement parameters

Expansive- Seeking to extent action influence initiating forms
of deception and/or coercion..

Sustaining- Seeking to sustain or extend action influence
without use of deceptive or coercive actions.

Defensive – Seeking to preserve action influence through use of
deception and/or coercion.

Almost all human interaction, our direct and our influential
actions, have varying overlaps of all three categories of influence

as well overlaps of all three rules of engagement parameters.

If you understand the fundamentals of the reality of power, I
believe you can get closer to understanding the shifts of power around you,
even if most of the people telling the stories are willingly engaging in acts
of deception through misinformation campaigns.

Their observable actions, analyzed not for the ‘truth’ or
‘legitimacy’ of their actions but how their positions could serve to enable
them to satisfy their core preferences (such as we can imperfectly understand
that), will enable the pragmatic evaluator of the reality of power to more
honestly understand their own circumstances within this reality of power.