Preparing Your Pantry for SHTF

One of the sometimes overlooked aspects of prepping for SHTF is how to organize and prep your pantry  Here is a link to an article that contains some common-sense tips for how to organize and prepare your pantry to serve you best when SHTF happens.

How to Inventory Your Pantry

If you are looking for ways to get your prepper pantry organized, here are a few tips to get you all organized for the new year.

Assess the clutter. The best way to see what you have and organize it properly is to take everything off the shelves. This is a great time to take out expired food, wipe off the shelves and start a new organizing system. As well, create a pile of food to donate. Usually, if we have any extra canned goods or boxed meals that my family is not interested in, I’ll set these aside for donating to churches and food pantries.

Any opened food boxes or food packets should be sealed in heavy duty zip-lock bags or placed in plastic bins. This protects your food sources from insect infestations.

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