Prepify App, a Smartphone App for Preppers

At long last, preppers get their very own app.  It’s calld Prepify app.

Not a prepper, but want to be? There’s an app for that

Emergency preparedness is a hot topic in Utah and as news of natural disasters frequently hits the front pages, there seems to be an urgency to prepare ourselves and our families.

For the many people who have no idea where to start — yes, there’s now an app for that.

Britton Beckham and Clint Laub are two tech-savvy Utah gentlemen who developed the Prepify app: a smartphone application designed to make preparedness easy to start, maintain and use in an emergency.

“The whole purpose of the Prepify app is to simplify preparedness,” Laub said, who identifies as a “prepper” himself. “Many feel lost not knowing where to start or overwhelmed by everything to do and keep track of. With Prepify, we aim to simplify or automate many of these tasks so everyone can always stay up to date.”

The new app, launched for both Android and iOS in December, categorizes more than 55 different emergency situations — from the need for a simple 72-hour kit to essentials needed to survive a solar storm — and walks users through what items should be on hand for each. As a user purchases those items, he/she can then make notes on where the item is stored, when it expires, and other information.


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