Are You Prepping Out of Fear? Don’t

Ed That Matters asls a simple question about prepping, are you living in fear?

DEVO: Living in Fear Causes Bad Decisions

Fear is a powerful motivator.  I know someone that went to the doctor to get some blood work done for a check-up because he wasn’t feeling 100%.  This doctor was able to run some preliminary tests at the office and found sugar in his blood, a possible sign of diabetes.

The doctor sent his blood to a lab for more thorough testing.  In the meantime, this person prayed and asked God for divine intervention.  This person also stopped eating all the junk that he was accustomed to eating, fast food, soda, all the bad stuff…

The test results came back negative praise God! But soon after, this person was back to eating all the junk and drinking all the soda like before.  Fear is a powerful motivator…for a while.

Are You Living in Fear?

You might live in fear, fear of an economic collapse, fear of a major disaster, fear of a pandemic, etc.  In fact, many people start prepping because of fear.  But you shouldn’t continue prepping from a place of fear.

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