Prepping is Fun, and if It’s Not, You’re Doing it Wrong

If prepping is a source of stress and anxiety for you, then you’re doing it wrong.  Prepping is about adapting to a lifestyle of evolving towards being ready for anything unexpected that might be thrown at you.  It is not about becoming instantly prepared for every situation, nor can you ever become fully prepared for every situation.
Prepping should be a source of fun, not stress.  Here is an excellent article that reviews the stresses of prepping and how to minimize those stresses.

If you are stressed about prepping, slow down and take a breather

Here is what I see, over and over again.

  • I see preppers, both new and experienced, getting overwhelmed.
  • I see preppers stressed by the never-ending list of things they need to purchase in order to be fully prepared.
  • I see preppers bogged down by the sheer pressure to learn off-grid and homesteading skills that they may never need.
  • I see preppers spending every last penny of their budget on supplies and gear, to the exclusion of taking a vacation or even treating themselves to a night at the movies.
  • I see preppers feeling less than prepared because they do not have a huge garden, do not raise farm animals and are interested in neither.

I could go on, but you get the drift.

To all of this I say stop, take a breather, evaluate your risks and move on with a slower, more focused and relaxed pace.

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