Prepping Through Hydroponics Rooftop Gardens

One of the aspects of prepping that is not talked about often is putting yourself in a position to grow your own food, even if you are in an urban setting.  One the most effective ways to potentially grow your own food, even in an urban setting, is using Hydroponics, and you can do it on your rooftop.

‘Hydroponics can grow rooftop gardens’

Urban space continues to reduce with the passage of time, but there are many, who want a kitchen garden. Presently, people can just dream of it as they have no place to grow the garden.However, experts suggest that hydroponics — a technique for growing plants just through water without the use of soil — is a viable solution for a rooftop kitchen garden.In this method soil is replaced with a substrate system of cocopeat, vermiculite and perlite. Plants are just provided water and nutrients in a controlled environment.Speaking about the method, Dr VP Sethi, Prof and head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Punjab Agricultural University, said, “Through hydroponics, it is possible to get much better yield in terms of quality and quantity, besides saving water and nutrients by as much as 70 per cent.”

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