Pro-Blockchain Bills Introduced in Nebraska

A politician is trying to pass legislation that would make it easier for blockchain and cryptocurrency use to take place.  You heard me right.  If you live in Nebraska, one of your politicians is actually introducing 3 state bills designed to lift restrictions and prevent regulations on blockchain and cryptocurrency use at the state and local level.  We’ll see how far this goes, but bravo for trying, dude.

Nebraska Lawmaker Files 3 Blockchain Bills

A lawmaker in Nebraska has filed a trio of bills focused on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Public records show that on Jan. 3, state senator Carol Blood submitted three proposed laws to the Nebraska Legislature, one of which would amend the state’s money-laundering statutes to account for cryptocurrencies while the other two focus on blockchain applications more broadly.

One of the bills – echoing efforts in other U.S. states – would allow for the tech’s use for notarization and the establishment of a  document’s provenance. If passed, the measure would “authorize and define smart contracts…[and] authorize use of distributed ledger technology in the Electronic Notary Public Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.”

And following in the footsteps of Nevada, one of Blood’s proposed bills would “prohibit cities and villages and counties from taxing or otherwise regulating the use of distributed ledger technology.” A similar measure was signed into law last summer, which prevents local jurisdictions from taxing the use of smart contracts as well as requiring a license to use the tech in the first place.

Whether lawmakers in Nebraska will embrace the proposed laws remains to be seen. According to the Nebraska legislature’s official website, the bills in question have been referred to their respective committees for further deliberation, though no hearing dates have yet to be scheduled.

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