Proton Battery Becomes Latest Challenger to Lithium-Ion Battery

Yet another contender in the battery throne that is currently occupied by the Lithium-Ion battery emerges.  This is a proton battery.

This battery was created by researchers in Australia.  It is the world’s first rechargeable proton battery.  The proton battery primarily uses carbon, which is cheaper and more readily available than Lithium.

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Researchers Create First Rechargeable Proton Battery as Alternative to Lithium-Ion

The world’s first rechargeable proton battery has been created and demonstrated by a team of researchers in Australia. The current battery, which is now just a prototype to prove that the mechanism works, is a big step towards a more environmentally sound energy storage system.

Unlike current lithium-ion designs that use rare materials, the prototype battery uses carbon and water to store electrical charge. The proof-of-concept was created by a team at the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, as announced by the university on social media on Wednesday, March 7.

“Carbon, which is the primary resource used in our proton battery, is abundant and cheap compared to both metal hydrogen-storage alloys and the lithium needed for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries,” lead researcher Professor John Andrewsexplained to Fairfax Media via The Age Australia.

With the world now rapidly moving towards electric-based transportation, there is now a need to come up with rechargeable batteries that are more environment-friendly to produce and dispose of.

“Our latest advance is a crucial step towards cheap, sustainable proton batteries that can help meet our future energy needs without further damaging our already fragile environment,” Andrews noted.

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