Puigdemont Court-Blocked from Being Catalonia’s President

A Spanish court nixes the Skype Presidency before it ever gets a chance to start.  Carles Puigdemont received the bad news from a Spanish court this past Friday, January 26th, 2018.

With Carles Puigdemont being blocked by the courts from becoming the President of Catalonia once again, all eyes are on the parliament, which is set to vote for the President this Tuesday, January 30th, 2018.  There are no other Presidential candidates listed.

Catalonia’s Puigdemont cannot lead from abroad, court rules

A Spanish court has moved to block pro-independence politician Carles Puigdemont from assuming the presidency of Catalonia.

The former leader has been living in Brussels since he declared independence in October, resulting in charges of sedition and rebellion against him.

Mr Puigdemont is the only candidate for the Catalonian presidency.

But the country’s constitutional court has now ruled he cannot lead the region’s parliament from abroad.

Mr Puigdemont believes he was given a democratic mandate for his declaration of independence during a controversial referendum, which Spain declared illegal.

The charges against the separatist leader are serious, and could result in 30 years in prison.

Supporters of Mr Puigdemont had argued that he could carry out his role with the use of technology such as video links from Belgium, where he is currently living.

The Spanish government, however, has contested that a “fugitive” cannot lead a regional parliament.

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