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This station will be playing a mix of alternative talk shows, alternative music, and Paul Gordon’s Weekly Top 20 Music Countdown.

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Here’s a little more about what’s behind iState.TV:

iSRadio.Net- Alternative Talk and Alternative Music will appear right here on the iState website.  It’s talk shows will directly or indirectly address the perspective of individualism, with an eye towards tilting the balance of power towards individuals and free associations.

iState.Tv is a news blog and hub for videos and podcasts.  Here you will find ‘news blurbs,’ repots, editorials, videos, podcasts and more.

We will cover the sublime, the critical, the absurd and the fun. We do this through curated news that we call newsblurbs, as well as articles, reports, short videos, podcasts, and video shows.  We will also post Liberty podcasts from other members of the Liberty community (so if you’d like your podcast to be listed, be sure you message us on

iState follows the VisPrivus path.  Here is how Paul Gordon, the founder of iState, defines VisPrivus:
“I call myself a VisPrivusion (I coined the word). It comes from the Latin Vis- Power, and Privus- Individual. For me, it means anyone who advocates for tipping the balance of power always towards individuals and free associations over coercive enterprises (the state) starting first and foremost with yourself.
A Visprivusian is not necessarily an Anarchist, but is happy to continue, as far as human reality allows, down the path towards the strengthening of individual and free association power and the ever-diminishing power of the coercive enterprise.”

This page is for the upcoming iState.TV radio network,  If you would like to have you show featured on, write the publisher Paul Gordon at

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