Ring-Bearing Owl Attacks Groom’s Best Man

Here’s a tired story, one that we’ve seen so many times before.  It’s the story of a man who meets a woman, falls in love, decides to get married, has a wedding, picks a best man, picks an Owl ring bearer, owl delivers rings, then decides to viciously turn on the best man, turning his wedding into a viral event that gets covered by news outlets across the world.

Yeah, I think we covered like three of these Owl ringer bearer turns on best man stories last week alone.  Or maybe not.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for the details from The Telegraph UK:

Owl causes chaos at wedding, attacking best man after delivering rings

All eyes were on the bride and groom, Jeni Arrowsmith, 30, and Mark Wood, 29, standing side by side before their closest friends and relatives, about to make the most solemn of vows to each other.

Then, a beautiful barn owl, two rings hanging in a pouch attached to one leg, swept majestically down the aisle to a collective gasp of delight.

As it glided over their heads, below the ornate surroundings of Peckforton Castle, Cheshire, it landed, as intended on the outstretched arm of the best man.

Unfortunately, rather than unclipping the rings seamlessly from its claw, he struggled with the whole charade for a few seconds too long, clearly finding the task a bit fiddly.

The owl, meanwhile, started to get agitated. It turned towards the congregation and flapped its wings repeatedly.

Mr Wood, who could not believe his friend was unable to complete the relatively simple task at hand, could not bring himself to watch, laughing as he held his head in his hands.

But then, all hell broke loose.

For reasons unknown, the second of the three best men (the groom could not pick a favourite) who was seated in the front row and also happened to have an innate fear of birds, outstretched his arm.

As quick as a flash, the owl launched itself in his direction, flying straight at his face.

Chairs went crashing over he was knocked to the floor, grey suited legs and freshly polished boots flailing in the air.

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