The Rise of Microgrids and the Power to Go Off-grid, as a Community

One of the most exciting emerging technologies I see out there are microgrids.  They’ve been around for a while, but first necessity and then advantage have made them increasingly popular.  Microgrids are small power plants that are built to support a neighborhood.  They are often supplied with renewable energy.

For me, what’s exciting about microgrids is how they can afford small communities the literal power to free themselves from the large-scale, centrally controlled electronic grid.  Here is an excerpt and link to an article in Enerrgy Matters that goes into more detail about what, exactly, microgrids are.

Stay tuned to because we will be tracking microgrid development and use.

Getting off the grid with microgrids

With ever increasing prices and the threat of summer blackouts, more and more Australians are looking for alternative ways to get their energy. And many are turning to peer to peer microgrids.

Microgrids help households go off grid and benefit from reduced bills and p2p trading with their neighbours. They are also an advantage if you are in the middle of nowhere.

Australia is a big country and subsequently electricity distribution causes problems. That’s because the distribution networks of poles and wires must stretch for hundreds of kilometres to reach some remote communities. The question is: How do you get electricity efficiently from a city-based generator to a remote town?

The answer is to set up local power generators and build a microgrid. These are small-scale electricity networks that operate independently of the main electricity grid. Microgrids based on renewable energy sources are of particular relevance to Australia due to the wide distribution of communities and industry.


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