Who Would You Kill? Who Would You Rob?

From indirect proxy to direct action, ask yourself…..
When will you kill?
When will you hurt?
When will you deceive?
When will you steal?

How wide or narrow are the people you give yourself ‘permission’ to initiate these actions against?
What are your ideational shields that give you this permission?
What kind of people are more likely than others to end up in that permission to initiate list?

The closer you come to knowing these answers about yourself, and others, the closer you get to an understanding of the nature of the reality of power, the bone and blood level of power, the willingness to use action to intentionally diminish or destroy the potential of other individuals.

I am betting that the closer you get to actualizing this reality within you, the less likely you will be to promote, support, or engage in action that is intended to diminish the potential of others.