Roger Ver is Hiring- $100K if You’d Like to Moderate the Reddit r/Bitcoin


Roger Ver Offers $100k for Reddit to ‘Appoint Moderator’ to r/Bitcoin

The latest salvo in the BTC vs. BCH skirmishes comes from Roger Ver, who just tweeted out an offer to aggregation and discussion website Reddit for $100,000 USD if their team would appoint a moderator to the r/Bitcoin sub who “supports free speech.” Unsurprisingly, detractors quickly lambasted the posturing, though it’s resonated with those who see the sub’s censorship practices as increasingly absurd.

No stranger to stirring up debate, Bitcoin Cash entrepreneur and owner Roger Ver is now lobbying Reddit’s leadership to appoint a moderator who “supports free speech” to the platform’s main Bitcoin subreddit, r/Bitcoin.

The move comes as the sub has long weathered charges of censorship, i.e. deleting threads and comments and banning users for dissident opinions.

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