Rojava Strives to Overcome War in “Make Rojava Green Again” Campaign

While war tears around them, and embargos remain to stifle them, the people of Rojava are pushing ahead with their grand experiment in statelessness.

Here is an excerpt from an article in (written in French, so you will need to use a translator to read it) about a campaign the people of Rojava are running called “Make Rojava Green Again.”
As part of their overall strategy to work towards voluntary, direct democracy communities, Rojavans are working to build healthier, more self-sustaining (in a free association sense of that term, and not a global command-and-control sense of that term, as used by global entities like the World Bank) environments.  This campaign is part of that strategy.

“Make Rojava Green Again” : campagne écologiste internationaliste

Between war and embargo – ecological work in Rojava

The attempts of the Turkish and Syrian regimes to strangle the Rojava revolution by military, political and economic attacks, the war against Daesh and the KDP-supported embargo in South Kurdistan (Iraq) create difficult conditions for ecological development from Rojava. Nevertheless, many projects are underway, such as the reforestation of the territory, the creation of nature reserves and management infrastructure and waste sorting, objectives that are currently difficult to achieve. The projects of most regional committees are still at a preparatory stage or are just beginning to be put in place. The ecological revolution, as part of the general revolution of Rojava is still in its beginnings. Today, it lacks an environmental consciousness shared by all the population, certain expert knowledge and necessary technologies as well as a connection with solidarity coming from abroad. Our contribution to the ecological revolution: Make Rojava Green Again. We, the Internationalist Municipality of Rojava, want to contribute to the ecological revolution of northern Syria. For this, we launched the campaign“Make Rojava Green Again” in cooperation with the Ecological Committee of the Canton of Cizirê. The campaign is divided into three aspects:

1. The construction of the Internationalist Academy on the basis of an ecological ethos, to serve as an example for projects and concepts similar to society, involving the training of both internationalists and the population of Rojava, in order to strengthen awareness and concern for the environment and build an ecological society.

2. Participation in Rojava reforestation work by building a tree nursery as one of the works of our Internationalist Academy.

3. The material support for existing or future ecological projects carried by the structures of the Democratic Self-administration, including the sharing of knowledge between activists, scientists, experts and the committees and structures of Rojava, for the developing a long-term perspective for an ecological northern Syria.

The first two concrete projects of “Make Rojava Green Again” are:

  • The putting into practice of the concepts of a life and an ecological work within the Internationalist Academy, partly thanks to the construction of the nursery as one of the works of the Academy. In the spring of 2018, we will plant 2,000 trees around the Academy and more than 50,000 seedlings in the nursery.
  • Practical and financial support to the Natural Conservatory Committee for the Reforestation of the Hayaka Nature Reserve, located next to the town of Derik in the Cizirê canton. In the next five years, we will plant nearly 50,000 trees on the shores of Lake Sefan.

The collective work in the nursery will be a practical dimension of the training at the Internationalist Academy, as well as a concrete solidarity with the municipalities, institutions and popular structures.

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