Rojavans Call on Turkish Kurds to Not FIght for TurkReich in Afrin

If you believe this statement from the Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM), the Turks are losing in Afrin, and losing big.  The message from the TEV-DEM is two-fold.  The first message is this, Turkey is losing, and losing very badly.  The second, and more important message is to the Kurds currently fighting on behalf of the Turks.  Stop fighting.  You’re fighting a losing battle and you’re working for a side that will fundamentally undermine all Kurds everywhere.

Rojava authorities call for Turkey’s Kurdish militias to not fight in Afrin

The Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) has called on the Kurdish Village Guards militia fighting under the auspices of the Turkish state not to take part in the Turkish aggression against the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in Syria. This comes amid reports of Turkey sending the militia to fight against Kurdish forces.

“In the light of the defeats suffered by the Turkish occupation army and its terrorist mercenaries in Afrin due to the legendary resistance on the part of our people in Afrin, Erdogan continues his policies of enmity towards unity of peoples and opposing to their outlooks to freedom,” read a statement published by TEV-DEM on Wednesday.

TEV-DEM is the ruling coalition of the Northern Syrian Federation known as Rojava by Kurds.

The statement claimed that Erdogan has been trying to make up issues between the different components through lies, pointing towards the allegations of ethnic cleansing during the campaign for liberating Tal Abyadh in 2015.

Tal Abyadh, in Raqqa governorate, was one of the major strongholds of ISIS on the border with Turkey. It was liberated by Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in 2015.

“Erdogan’s insistence on spreading sedition and disunity is nothing but a continuation of the Ottoman policies,” the statement added, saying that a portion of an undisciplined group of the so-called opposition (Free Syrian Army) spearheaded the Afrin campaign.

“Within Kurdistan, [he] tries to support theoretical disputes and deepen them, and every time he fails, he today prepares to enlist members of the village guards mercenary from Bakur [northern Kurdistan] in its aggression against Afrin,” the statement elaborated.

This is the policy of fighting the enemy with the enemy, and anyone’s loss is a positive thing for the Turkish state, according to the statement.

“We call on all Kurdish groups, especially the village guards, even if they do not agree with our ideas and outlooks, not to be a part of any war coming from Turkey,” TEV-DEM posits, saying Turkey is losing and falling in Afrin.

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