Rojavans Prepare for All-Out War in Afrin

The Rojavans and other Kurdish allies, along with Pro-Assad Miltia groups, are preparing for an all-out assault by the TurkReich as it attempts to purge Afrin of Kurds and replace it with pro-TurkReich Arabs.

The opposition to the first steps by Erdogan to expand his Lebensraum is fully committed to throw everything they have to stop this assault Rojava, which stands in stark contrast to the Islamo-Fascist nation state of the TurkReich.

From Independent UK

Syria: US-backed Kurds brace for dramatic escalation of Turkish invasion that could be bloodier than Aleppo, Raqqa or …

Kurdish and allied Arab units are streaming north from the front to the east of the Euphrates, where Isis is beginning to counter-attack, in order to stop the Turkish advance. Some 1,700 Arab militia left the area for Afrin on Tuesday and Turkey is demanding that the US stop them. The invasion is now in its seventh week and Rojva and his fighters take some comfort in the fact that it is moving so slowly. But the Turkish strategy has been to take rural areas before mowing methodically to surround and besiege Afrin City and residential areas.

The big battles in Afrin are still to come and are likely to be as destructive and bloody as anything seen in Eastern Ghouta, Raqqa or East Aleppo. YPG fighters have battle experience stretching back to at least 2012, much of its gained against fanatical opponents like Isis. The likelihood is that, as in Ghouta, the Turkish generals will seek to avoid the heavy losses inevitable in street fighting and pound Afrin into ruins with air strikes and artillery fire. Civilian casualties are bound to be horrendous.

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