Rojavans Vote in Local Council Elections

The latest round of voting has taken place in Rojava.  Voting took place at the local council level, with the ruling party, the Democratic Nation Solidarity List, sweeping the local council elections.

Rojava ruling party’s list sweeps local council elections

The electoral list of the ruling party has swept local council elections in Rojava, Syrian Kurdistan.

The Democratic Nation Solidarity List, which includes the ruling Democratic Union Party (PYD), won large majorities of seats in all three regions that went to the polls on December 1.

The Supreme Election Board announced the results on Tuesday.

In eastern-most Cizre canton, the list won 93.6 percent of the vote with 2,718 candidates elected.  The Syrian Kurdish National Coalition List won 40 seats and 144 independent candidates were elected.

In the central Euphrates region, the Democratic Nation Solidarity List won 88.7 percent of the vote with 847 candidates elected to local councils. The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party won 40 spots and independents took 67.

In western Afrin canton, the Democratic Nation Solidarity List garnered 89.8 percent of the seats with 1,056 candidates elected. The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party had 72 candidates elected, the Syrian National Alliance List had 8, and 40 independents were elected.

Turnout was 69 percent.

Parties have three days to submit complaints over the results to the election board.

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