Ross Ulbricht Moved To Prison For Violent Offenders While Case Heads Towards Supreme Court

Two news items were reported on the ongoing saga with political prisoner Ross Ulbricht, the alleged founder of the site Silk Road.  Ulbricht is essentially being held in prison for creating a platform that allowed people to buy and sell whatever they wanted anonymously.  As we reported in another article, anonymity is the greatest threat to the power of the state, so, naturally, Ross Ulbricht had to be thrown into a hole forever.

To that end, it has been reported now that Ulbricht is to be moved to a Federal Prison in Colorado, a prison reserved for the most dangerous, the most violent criminals.  This despite the fact that Ulbricht has no history of violence and is not currently serving time for committing any acts of violence.

Ulbricht’s case is going through the court system, and it is expected that, eventually, it will end in a showdown in the Supreme Court where Ulbricht may finally have a real day in court, as opposed to the kangaroo court that convicted him and sentenced him to two life sentences for allegedly creating a website that allowed people to buy and sell whatever they want anonymously.

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Officials recently transferred alleged Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht to a maximum security prison in Florence, Colorado. The prison houses some of the most violent offenders. This news surfaced after a court denied his recent appeal.  He is now in the process of petitioning the appeal with the Supreme Court. The courts locked Ulbricht in a cage four years ago yesterday. He is serving a double life sentence. 

Ross’s mother, Lyn Ulbricht, talked about the unfolding situation in a recent article. She said, “Today marks four years that Ross Ulbricht has been incarcerated. He was recently moved from New York to USP-high Florence, Colorado, a maximum-security prison where the Bureau of Prisons puts its most violent offenders. This is not because Ross is violent, but because of his excessive sentence of double life plus 40 years, without parole.”

Ross Has No History of Violence

Ulbricht being moved to the Colorado facility concerns the family. The court sentenced him for a nonviolent crime, yet Judge Katherine Forrest believed he was a dangerous and violent criminal. According to Lyn Ulbricht, people wrote the judge 100 letters vouching for Ulbricht’s peaceful nature. It did not matter. Ulbricht’s mother elaorated:

Ross’ designation score, which the BOP uses to place people, is a 12. Even including the charges, that score is so low that it places Ross in a low security prison with non-violent people. He scores one point up from a camp – which has no fences. But because of the sentence issued by Judge Katherine Forrest he is in a USP with violent gangs……

Ublricht’s mother believes this process will continue to shine light on the abuses wrought by the system, especially regarding the kangaroo court her son received.

She said, “It is Ross’ hope — and ours– that this and his case will shine a light on the rampant abuses in our criminal justice system and the misery the drug war is inflicting (while not curtailing drug use at all). This is our aim, not just for Ross, but for the multiple thousands of people and their families whose lives are being destroyed.”

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