Russian Propaganda Reports US Wants to Create Kurdish State in Northern Syria

This site is a Russian-sponsored propaganda site.  The fact, though, that they have chosen to carry Turkish propaganda is telling of the commitment to the Russia-TurkReich Alliance.  While the article might be propaganda, there is a measure of truth to it, a truth I hope is more true than not.


US Seeking to Create a Kurdish State in Turkey’s Underbelly – Analysts

Instead of lauding Washington’s foreign policy approach toward Damascus, Ankara needs to protect its national interests, Turkish analysts told Sputnik, stressing that the US seeking nothing short of establishing a Kurdish corridor in northern Syria thus threatening Turkey’s security.

Washington’s major goal in Syria is to create an independent Kurdish entity and force other players, primarily, Damascus, Moscow and Ankara to recognize it through blackmail and threats, Yunus Soner, deputy chairman of Turkey’s left-wing Vatan Party (the Patriotic Party), told Sputnik Turkey.

“US President Donald Trump recently said that the US military would be withdrawn from the Syrian territory,” Soner recalled. “The first concrete step in this direction was the decision to stop providing assistance to the Kurdish forces in northern Syrian regions under their control. But then an [alleged] chemical attack in Douma occurred, clearly demonstrating the degree of pressure exerted by the American establishment on Trump.


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