Russians Cling to TurkReich Alliance in War Against Afrin

It looks like the Russians are all in with the TurkReich and, apparently, all in with deviating from reality completely by declaring that the Russia-Turkey-Iran alliance in Syria is fine.  Everything is fine.

Kremlin hails Russia-Turkey-Iran cooperation on Syria

Cooperation by Russia, Turkey and Iran provides significant backing for further peacemaking activity within the framework of UN efforts in Syria, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media on Monday.

“As you may know, the Russian president has for the past few weeks maintained regular contacts with his Turkish and Iranian counterparts. This work will go on. It is expected to provide significant support for further peacemaking activity within the framework of UN efforts [in Syria],” Peskov said.

Moscow can see a shortage of assistance from the US in stabilizing the situation in Syria, he said.

“As for the United States’ assistance in stabilizing the situation in Syria and advancing the search for a political and diplomatic solution, it has been in short supply,” Peskov said.

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