Russians Stick by Syrian Kurds in Sochi Congress

The Russians are not backing down in their support for the Syrian Kurds, in direct conflict to the desires of their allies, the Turks.

Russian FM: Kurds’ interests must be considered in Syria

The Sochi congress on the Syrian conflict will bring together a more complete representation of the Syrian people, including the Kurds, and will, therefore, expand opportunities for resolving the conflict, Russia’s foreign minister said.

Russia is broadening the circle of participants, bringing in those who have been overlooked in the Geneva process.

“As a result of this congress, we think that the United Nations will thank us, because we will seriously expand their opportunities, expand the circle of participants, so that the constitutional reform and the subsequent rules for holding elections are indeed those that enjoy the support of the entire Syrian people,” and not just those who have attended UN-led peace efforts in Geneva, Minister Sergey Lavrov said during a press conference in Moscow on Monday

Sochi is markedly different from the Geneva and Astana processes in that the ruling Kurdish party in Rojava, northern Syria will attend, at the invitation of Moscow.

“Kurds are part of the Syrian nation and their interests should be taken into consideration, including in preparation for the [Syrian National Dialogue Congress],” Lavrov said.


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