Russia’s War on Drones

The Russian Military has revealed ground-based units that are intended to take down unmanned drones by hamming their signals.  These mobile units are the first of their kind for Russia.

From Military Aerospace

MOSCOW – The Russian army has raised a ground-based unit that can down unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) by jamming their signals. International Business Times reports. Continue reading original article

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

7 Nov. 2017 — Motherboard (MB) says in a report that Russian electronic warfare (EW) jammers have successfully downed drones in the past, but installing them on a mobile unit will be a first for Russia.

The EW unit of the Western Military District (ZVO) is reportedly based in Kursk. “The company is based on contract servicemen, sergeants and officers—specialists for combating drones with the help of electronic-warfare assets,” MB quoted a statement by the Kremlin last week. Col. Alexander Vostrikov, the unit’s commandant, called it “the special forces of electronic warfare”.

A photograph issued with the statement shows a Krasukha jammer –a powerful radio emitter — mounted on a heavy duty truck, said the MB. The system has been used in the Syrian front to protect Russian bases and forces.


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