It’s Safe to Dance in New York Now, So Don’t Call the Cops

You can now dance the night away in New York City at an establishment without any worry of cops showing up.  This is thanks to the repeal of a law created in 1926.

Yes, we are including a video of The Safety Dance, for obvious reasons, because it’s now safe to dance in New York.

From NPR

People in New York City will now be able to dance the night away…… — without any legal restrictions.

Earlier this week, the New York City Council voted to repeal a 91-year-old law that banned dancing at most city public spaces that sell food or drinks.

Andrew Muchmore, lawyer and owner of Muchmore’s bar and music venue, was cited in 2013 under this law by the city for “unlawful swaying.”

“We had a noise complaint from a neighbor for people speaking too loudly on the sidewalk, and when police came out, they issued two summons: one for violation of the NYC noise code and one for the violation of the Cabaret Law,” Muchmore told NPR’s Scott Simon.

The now-repealed Cabaret Law prohibited people from dancing in any room, place or space in New York City, that lacked a “cabaret license.” This, Muchmore says, was problematic for quite a few reasons.

“That license is very difficult to obtain and was only possessed by about 100 bars and restaurants out of one 25,000 in New York,” Muchmore says. The vagueness of the term “dancing” was also cause for concern, he adds. Is nodding your head considered dancing? Tapping your toes? Swaying from side to side?

The law was enacted in 1926 during Prohibition and was enforced sporadically through the years.

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