Saudi Bombs Kill 29 Civilians in Yemen Assault

The underreported war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, a war also supported militarily by the United States, has produced another incident where civilians found themselves targeted by Saudi bombs.  This time, Saudi warplanes bombed the Saada Province in Yemen, killing 29 civilians and wounding 28 more.

From AntiWar

Saudi warplanes attacked the north Yemen Sahar District, in the Shi’ite-dominated Saada Province, bombing a crowded marketplace and a nearby hotel, and killing at least 29 civilians. 28 others were said to have been wounded.

The attacks took place Wednesday morning, leveling the hotel and leaving a large crater in the middle of the market. With the bodies removed and the wounded rushed to the hospital, workers are now busily trying to clear the site of debris from destroyed stalls.

This is the latest in a long, long string of attacks on civilian targets in Yemen by Saudi warplanes, despite their claims that they don’t attack civilian infrastructure. Over the course of two and a half years, a massive civilian death toll has mounted from such strikes.

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