School Shootings Show Gun-Free Zones Should End

The solution to school shooting is not less guns, or more gun control, but more guns, and less gun control.  That’s what John R Lott Jr and Thomas Massie are writing in an OP ED for the NY Daily News.  I agree, most enthusiastically, with their assessments.

Gun-free school zones will not protect kids: A painful but honest lesson after last week’s school shooting in Kentucky

Before knowing almost anything about last Tuesday’s mass public shooting at a high school in Kentucky, gun control advocates were once again calling for more gun control. The horrible attack at the Marshall County High School killed two 15-year-olds and 14 others wounded.

One thing is certain: Neither changes in background checks nor assault weapons bans would have prevented this attack. The killer was already too young to even qualify to go through a background check and he didn’t use that type of weapon.

Within hours of the attack, before we even knew how the shooter had obtained the gun, former Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords declared the lesson to be that we “must strengthen our gun laws.”

One of us, Congressman Massie from Kentucky, has proposed legislation that takes a different approach. The “Safe Students Act” would repeal parts of the federal criminal code that prohibit the possession of a firearm in a school zone. That would make it easier for adults with concealed handgun permits to defend themselves and students.

There seems to be a particular fear of allowing concealed handguns on school property. For example, last year, Kentucky Center for School Safety executive director Jon Akers said that his state’s proposed school carry bill “scares me.” He argued: “The only people who should be carrying guns at a school are law enforcement officers.”



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