School Sued After Allowing Man to Torture Kids Through Fake Scared Straight Program

This story out of Ohio starts off with a premise that the problem here is that a school allowed a man to run a FAKE Scared Straight Program in the school.
No one is addressing why the school, a government school, would allow a Scared Straight Program to be run at all, whether it is legitimate or not.
The school is an Ohio school, which now faces two lawsuits after it let a man take kids through his fake Scared Straight Program.
The sad part of this story is that the people who will pay for these lawsuits, should they be successful, will be the ones on the hook for paying the school bills, the taxpayers.
The cost of this serious lapse in judgment by the ones who actually rule the school will not be paid by them, which is par for the course when we’re talking about government violations that lead to lawsuits by the people they’ve abused.


Second lawsuit filed against Akron schools for allowing man to operate fake Scared Straight program

A parent has filed a second federal lawsuit against the Akron school district for granting access to an Akron man sentenced to prison for his Scared Straight tactics.

This lawsuit seeks $25 million, $1 million more than the first suit.

The latest lawsuit was filed Monday night in U.S. District Court in Akron. Akron attorney Eddie Sipplen, who is representing the father of a former Leggett elementary student, said more parents could join the suit and it also could be amended to include other entities, such as Summit County Juvenile Court and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

“Summit County, through its agencies, may have some culpability,” Sipplen said.

This was the first indication that the civil litigation that was anticipated after Christopher Hendon’s conviction could encompass other government agencies.

Summit County Sheriff Steve Barry and Don Ursetti, a spokesman for Summit County Juvenile Court, declined to comment Tuesday.

Hendon, 26, of Akron, was sentenced to five years and 11 months in prison March 7 after he pleaded guilty to 31 charges, including impersonating a police officer, kidnapping and abduction. He will be eligible for an early release after serving 18 months.

Investigators say Hendon took children in handcuffs from their schools and elsewhere to the Summit County Juvenile Detention Center or the Summit County Jail as part of an unofficial Scared Straight program.

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