SCOTUS Denies GOP Reprieve in PA Gerrymandering Ruling

The practice of gerrymandering has existed for over two centuries.  It’s a process of strategically creating ‘voting districts’ designed to assure that one or the other political party has a ‘safe’ seat.  Now, remember, this practice has existed for OVER TWO HUNDRED YEARS!  I cannot stress that point enough.

After over 200 years of allowing a practice that fundamentally undermines muh democratic process (such as that is), it seems the courts, the upholders of the Lord God Master that is “Rule of Law,” have decided to act against this practice.

A Pa Supreme Court has ordered PA Congressional Districts be redone to eliminate this “gerrymandering.”

The PA GOP appealed to the Supreme Court of the US, and that court has decided to not interfere with the PA Court’s ruling, meaning the undoing of gerrymandering MUST happen.

Thank you, thank you for proving that Rule of Law really works, even if it takes two centuries to finally get around to it.

Justices Won’t Block Pennsylvania Gerrymandering Decision

The Supreme Court has been busy lately addressing cases on partisan gerrymandering, in which the party in power draws voting districts to give its candidates lopsided advantages. It is considering two such cases, from Wisconsinand Maryland, and has intervened in a third one, from North Carolina. But all of those cases were decided by federal courts.

The latest decision, from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, struck down the state’s congressional map, saying it “clearly, plainly and palpably” violated the state’s Constitution. The court told state lawmakers to redraw the state’s 18 House districts, which currently favor Republicans, and it left open the possibility that it would impose its own map.

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