Seattle Gives Homeless Man $1,025 Fine for Existing

A Seattle man found guilty of being homeless by a judge, jury and executioner (metaphorically speaking) was given a ticket that amounted to a fine for $1205.  The judge, jury and metaphorical executioner was a Seattle cop. But don’t blame the cop.  He was just following orders, dontcha know.

The Seattle police department, once this fine had been made public, backtracked quicker than you can say “taxation is the price we pay for a society where armed government enforcers think it’s cool to fine homeless people a thousand bucks for existing.”

In their benevolence (aka, their shame), they cancelled the ticket.  Thanks guys.


Seattle police issue $1,025 ticket to homeless man

Seattle police this week issued a costly ticket to a person living in a tent near Green Lake.

Police issued the $1,025 ticket to a man on Monday night while he was by his tent, the SeattlePI reported .

Community organizer Matthew Lang said the man and several other people had arrived at the site the day before with help from Lang and two neighborhood action councils. Lang said the encampment was not one specifically sanctioned by the city.

The man, who has not been identified, said police pointed to the man’s tent and other belongings stacked nearby as signs of litter, according to Lang. A photo of the ticket provided to the SeattlePI shows it was issued at 10:41 p.m. and that the penalty was over a thousand dollars.

Police spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said Friday that the ticket had been canceled after review by police supervisors. He also said the matter would be referred to the city’s team comprised of specially-trained officers and outreach workers who try to connect people without homes to services and shelter.

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