Seattle Threatens Facebook Over Obscure Political Ad Laws

Seattle is coming after Facebook.  It’s using city campaign finance laws to target Facebook over political ads posted on its social media platform.  You can bet that the powers that be will be using more localities to introduce layers of cost, both directly through fines and indirectly through the cost of legal advice these social media platforms will now need to assure they’re following all the local laws targeting social media.

The aim is to indirectly render the previously free-flowing exchange of information no longer free-flowing.

Seattle: Facebook is violating city campaign finance law

Seattle’s election watchdog on Monday said that Facebook has violated its election advertising laws, reports Reuters.

The city’s move is the first attempt at regulatory action on internet companies over political ads on their platforms.

The company could pay as much as $5,000 per ad in fines to the city if it does not disclose information about campaign spending on its platform during last year’s Seattle city elections, said Wayne Barnett, an executive director at the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission.

Facebook had until Jan. 2 to comply with a preexisting Seattle campaign finance law that required it to disclose political ads it sold during the city’s elections, according to the local newspaper, The Stranger.

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