The Security Problems of IoT and the Blockchain Solution

IoT Is Changing the Cybersecurity Industry

The Enhanced Blockchain IoT Security Fit.

Today’s centralized security models require high infrastructure and maintenance cost associated with centralized clouds, large server farms and networking equipment. The sheer amount of communications that will have to be handled when IoT devices grow into the tens of billions will create bottlenecks and points of failure that can disrupt the entire network. Decentralized blockchain technologies could address these limitations, though blockchain alone is not a complete solution. As a principal in a company offering enhanced blockchain security, I am aware that blockchain alone is promising, but it is not the total answer. Just like current layered security architectures today, what we need in blockchain is a secure and safe IoT where privacy is protected. Enhanced blockchain-layered security technologies can offer this.

Revolutionize or Regulate

It is always better to self-regulate, and I hope the IoT industry gets that opportunity to find security solutions on its own. In working with cybersecurity entrepreneurs, I find that compliance and regulation seem to never catch up to the pace required by cyberdefense technologies. Billions were spent in security compliance of the smart grid. And while these security guidelines have value, at the end of the day, compliance does not mean you are secure. Hackers change things daily while compliance recommendations can take years. Cyberdefense needs to be more proactive, as does the matured working technologies that need to be used.

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