Self-Driving Drones Are Here, Literally, Now

Drones able to think and act on their own are a bit of a scary thought, for some.  But don’t worry, that’s a way off.  Oh wait, no, it’s not.  Send in the Self-Driving Drones.  They’re already here.

The Autonomous Selfie Drone Is Here. Is Society Ready for It?

As the hapless chump in its cross hairs, I will tell you this: Being tailed by a 13-eyed flying machine has a way of focusing the mind.

The drone chasing me, the R1, was created by a start-up called Skydio; it sells for $2,499 and will begin shipping to customers in two to three weeks, the company says. It is the closest thing to a fully autonomous drone you can buy today.

Autonomous drones have long been hyped, but until recently they’ve been little more than that. The technology in Skydio’s machine suggests a new turn. Drones that fly themselves — whether following people for outdoor self-photography, which is Skydio’s intended use, or for longer-range applications like delivery, monitoring and surveillance — are coming faster than you think.

They’re likely to get much cheaper, smaller and more capable. They’re going to be everywhere, probably sooner than we can all adjust to them.


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