Sessions Calls Bitcoin Troubling in Senate Hearing Exchange with Feinstein

Jeff Sessions Cites Alphabay as Example of the Terrors of Bitcoin

Speaking before a Senate Hearing, yesterday, October 19th, 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions affirmed the concerns that California Senator Dianne Feinstein had about the “Dark Web.”

He went even further in addressing her ‘concerns,’ by stating that Bitcoin is a big problem, with the implication that it needs to be stopped, or at least heavily regulated.  What frightens the government most about the so-called Dark Web is its anonymity (which we talk about here ).

In the exchange, he lauded the takedown of Alphabay, a ‘dark web’ super exchange node the Feds infiltrated and destroyed.

As we have said in past articles (including the one we linked about), one of the greatest threats to the coercive enterprise’s hold on power is anonymity.

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Citing a New York Times article, “Opioid Dealers Embrace the Dark Web to Send Deadly Drugs by Mail,” by Nathaniel Popper, Senator Feinstein began, “it seems to me, the dark web, being used by criminals, is going to grow in the coming years.”

“If you have any plans to address it,” she continued, “or would you begin to think about it so that we might have some conversations on this, because I think there’s a lot of concern out there in law enforcement communities,” the Senator emphasized.

Holding both his hands together, Attorney General Sessions sat fully upright and announced he “would be pleased to do so.”

“We are very concerned about that,” he elaborated. “The FBI’s very concerned about that. They did take down, I think, the two biggest, dark web sites. This last one, Alphabay, we took down recently. They had 240,000 sites where individuals were selling, for the most part, illegal substances or guns on that site, including Fentanyl. And, they use bitcoins and other untraceable financial capabilities, and it is a big problem,” he nodded.

“Thank you,” Mrs. Feinstein returned a nod, “I’d like to work with you on it, and if it requires legislation in particular. So, thank you very much. I’m going to quit while I am ahead.”

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