Sessions Invokes False Fear to Justify Crackdown on Background Checks for Guns

Exploiting the psychological terrorism of the American political “left,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions commands that US Attorneys more aggressively prosecute people who knowingly lie when they apply for a background check to approve a gun purchase.
The authoritarian AG, who has backed civil asset forfeiture and aggressively pursued a revision and escalation of the so-called war on drugs, is now demonstrating his willingness to perpetuate the false narrative that children are facing an epidemic of violence to justify tightening control over gun ownership in America….for the children.

From Washington Post

Sessions calls on US attorneys to aggressively prosecute gun buyers who lie on background checks

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Monday that U.S. attorneys will more aggressively enforce the law that makes it a crime for gun buyers to lie on their federal background checks, one of several steps Justice Department officials outlined as part of the Trump administration’s response to last month’s deadly school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

The Justice Department also will increase the presence of law enforcement officers at schools and continue to review the way law enforcement agencies respond to tips from the public, Sessions said.

“No child should have to fear going to school or walking the streets of their neighborhood,” Sessions said in a statement.

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