How Sessions is Using the War on Drugs to Assault Anonymity

The War on Drugs Strategy of Controlling the Undesirables

The war on drugs is not at all about protecting people from the evils of doing drugs.  The war on drugs is not at all about protecting people from the evils committed by people who have been consumed by the evils of doing drugs.

The war on drugs began because the people in power identified certain groups of undesirable people tend to use certain types of ‘drugs’ that the preferred groups did not use.  These were the ‘drugs’ that were criminalized and immediately demonized through government-funded propaganda.

The war on drug was born from racism, and later on was continued because the political opponents of Richard Nixon were doing certain types of drugs.

The war on drugs continues, in no small part, because the departments that get funding, be it federal, state, or local, to fight drugs would go out of business if the war on drugs ended.

The war on drugs continues, in no small part, because departments, at all levels of government are able to use anti-drug laws, especially Civil Asset Forfeiture laws, to create alternative revenues streams for their departments.

Let me boil it down to more basic language, because I want you to clearly understand the point I am making before I get to the actual news item I will be covering, the Jeff Sessions strategy for conducting the war on drugs online.

The war on drugs is a series of laws that enables the controllers to ‘legally’ target and control undesirable groups.  In the beginning, the groups were primarily minority groups, like the blacks and the Hispanics.  While that element still exists, the classification of undesirable groups now also includes pretty much anyone without direct ties to members of the preferred class, the political class.

The war on drugs is a money-making venture for the government, at all levels, and many of the allies of the government, with private prisons topping that list.

The money-making programs through the war on drugs includes the Civil Asset Forfeiture Program (which overtook the total amount of wealth stolen through all robberies in 2015), the virtual slave system of private prisons (in which half the prisoners are there for either buying or selling drugs), and, of course, the funding by government at all levels of departments dedicated to the war on drugs.

Now there is another benefit to the coercive enterprise, the state, in continuing the war on drugs, and that benefit is where our story of Jeff Sessions’ War on Drugs Online Strategy comes in.

First, here are the bare bones facts of the Jeff Sessions War on Drugs Online Strategy (along with a video of his presentation):

From Merry Jane:

United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions is bringing his obsession with the War on Drugs to the dark corners of the web. In a press release made public Monday, Sessions announced the formation of the Joint Criminal Opioid Darknet Enforcement (J-CODE) team, with the explicit goal of snuffing out opioid sales on the internet.

While the media and public generally relaxed its interest in the deep web after federal authorities arrested Ross Ulbricht and shuttered the Silk Road marketplace, the dark net’s clandestine chat rooms and retail portals are still very much up and running, hidden behind Tor browsers and onion routing.

“Criminals think that they are safe on the dark net, but they are in for a rude awakening,” Attorney General Sessions said in Monday’s press release. “We have already infiltrated their networks, and we are determined to bring them to justice. In the midst of the deadliest drug crisis in American history, the FBI and the Department of Justice are stepping up our investment in fighting opioid-related crimes. The J-CODE team will help us continue to shut down the online marketplaces that drug traffickers use and ultimately that will help us reduce addiction and overdoses across the nation.”

As part of the J-CODE initiative, “dozens” of FBI agents — including Special Agents, Intelligence Analysts, and professional staff — will shift their focus to digging up online opioid sales.

If you don’t quite get the point of this strategy, let me spell it out for you.  First of all, what is the Deep, or Dark, Web?  The Deep Web is a place where people go who don’t want to have their activity tracked by coercive enterprises (states).

The overwhelming majority of action that takes place in the Deep Web has nothing whatsoever to do with drug transaction, or other ‘criminal (subjectively termed by the authority that ‘rules’ over you through threat of force)’ transactions.

The actions are innocuous, in and of themselves.  The ones taking these actions are simply people who don’t want to have their lives tracked by authorities.

What the War on Drugs is enabling Jeff Sessions to do is to attack technologies, which includes anonymous cryptocurrencies, which includes encrypted mesh networks, that empower individuals to exit gov-grid (my term), to truly go off-grid, or, stateless-grid.

As it has always been, since its inception, the so-called War on Drugs is primarily a war against individuals who might not fit neatly into the coercive enterprise’s notion of ‘acceptable’ people.  It has always been used to fine, imprison, and infiltrate any group of people the coercive enterprise deems targetable.

Along the way, the coercive enterprise discovered that not only could the War on Drugs be used to control people, it could actually be used to raise revenue.

The cost of this control, the cost of this profit-making business for the coercive enterprise is hundreds of thousands of dead from drug gang violence, millions destroyed and caged, families torn asunder.

These deaths, these destroyed lives did NOT happen to assure people are protected from the dangers of using drugs.  These deaths, these destroyed lives did NOT happen to assure that people are protected from dangerous drug users.

These deaths, these destroyed lives, these broken families happened to assure that the coercive enterprise continues to control the people that ‘need’ to be controlled.

These deaths, these destroyed lives, these broken families happened to assure that the coercive enterprise continues to benefit economically from that war.

Jeff Sessions is simply capitalizing on the war the way all of his predecessors have.

He’s simply expanding the ‘benefit’ of the War on Drugs for the coercive enterprise, to now use this war to assure (though they will fail in the end) that the technologies that enable people to exit gov-grid cannot do so.

He will do so while claiming this action is being done to protect the people from the dangers of drugs, while more people are killed, more lives are destroyed, and more families are broken.

The war on drugs is the coercive enterprise’s weapon of war against you, against me, against anyone who dares dream of exiting gov-grid, in whole or in part.

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