Slate Writer Fears Spike in Ghost Gunning, and That’s a Good Thing

April Glaser of Slate is worried, and that’s a good thing.  She wrote an article about the rise of ghost gun machine making sales, specifically citing one of the Crypto Anarchists I try to regularly follow, Cody Wilson.

The line of lines from her article is this, “just because something becomes illegal to sell doesn’t mean it will be illegal to make.”   Let me alter that sentence for you a little more, April, so you truly begin to grasp the futility of attempting to contain the impulse of humans wanting to have tools of self-defense.  “just because something becomes illegal, doesn’t mean people will stop doing it.”

Even if articles such as yours, April, designed to produce fear in the non-gov chattel, fear that will lead them to DEMAND they be controlled even more than they already are, produce a ban on ghost gun manufacturing (which is really Liberty Gun manufacturing), the ghost gunners will continue to turn out effective tools of self-defense.

I’m sure for you, April, a police state enabler, a Cattle Car guide looking for a cattle car to guide people to, this is a reality that is too painful for you to face.  For me, it’s a reality that comforts me, even as I listen to another round of shrill cries to save the children by empowering the most destructive engine of death in the world, the coercive enterprise.

From Slate

Sales of DIY firearm kits appear to be booming after the Parkland shooting.

Writer- April Glaser

….just because something becomes illegal to sell doesn’t mean it will be illegal to make. After Trump said last Wednesday that he would ban bump stocks by executive order, some gun enthusiasts turned to YouTube to learn how they might 3-D print a bump stock of their own. “What kind of glue did you use to stick it all together?” asked one YouTube commenter on Thursday under a video showing off a 3-D-printed bump stock in action. “Also can you explain what you did to your stock release for how to make it work? I have all the parts done and ready but need some help.”

It’s not unusual for gun sales to increase after a mass shooting, likely because consumers worry they may not be able to buy certain firearms in the future. We’re now in another such moment, but the options for growing your arsenal aren’t limited to weapons you can buy from a brick-and-mortar store. Right now, the market for building unmarked and unserialized do-it-yourself weapons—assembled either from components you buy or ones you 3-D print—is booming.

“We doubled our expected sales for the month just in the back half of February,” said Cody Wilson, the owner of, a website that sells gun components as well as a milling machine for at-home gunsmithing. “Last Friday [Feb. 23] was the best Friday we’ve had at any year in this point in the year.” Ghost Gunner is the name of a milling machine designed to build gun receivers, the part of the gun that’s regulated and carries a serial number when bought from a licensed gun seller.

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