Smart Phone App Brings 3D Printed Toys to the Home

AstroPrint Uses Smart Phone App, Toy Maker, to Introduce 3D Printing to New Audience

Smart Phone App Brings 3D Printed Toys to the Home

3D Printing is a technology we regularly track on iState, as we view it as one of the key self-empowering technologies out there today.  News on the smartphone app front gives us even more reason to be excited about this technology.  AstroPrint released a new smartphone app called Toy Maker that enables you to download toy designs and print them out on your own 3D Printer.  Here’s more information from
AstroPrint has just released a new toy app today called Toy Maker—meant to offer kids a way to 3D print their own toys, with 170 different options to choose from.

Features that make this app very attractive for kids and parents include:

  • It is free!
  • The designs are of premium quality
  • The process is very simple, requiring just a few clicks
  • Learning opportunities abound

Because the app was created by AstroPrint, users have the benefit of connecting to the AstroPrint cloud for all of the following:

  • Slicing the 3D design
  • Distributing designs
  • Getting started on 3D printin
  • Not only will your kids be engaging in learning more about how the 3D printing process works, but they learn about 3D design and the many materials available to bring innovations to life. Skipping the process of shopping in a mall or online store, you can look forward to producing toys at the desktop in your own home—and all with a support system of experienced AstroPrint designers behind you.
  • AstroPrint, known as one of the fastest growing platforms for desktop 3D printing, is a company we’ve followed often, and especially as of late at they have launched their own mobile app, offered new file management featuresslicing options, and far more. The goal of this progressive company is quite simple: to make 3D printing simple for everyone. Don’t forget to download Toy Makeras it is released today! (November 10th)

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What is the get for AstroPrint?  It’s simple, AstroPrint wants to create more useful reasons for you to buy its product, a 3D Printer, AND build trust with the rapidly growing 3D market.  The app is a marketing tool for the 3D Print making company.  Don’t be surprised if you see more 3D print companies following suit, as well as the providers of the materials you need to use your 3D printer.

This will open up a world of much more individualized product creation from the consumers themselves.  In this market, the product is not the product, it’s the tools and the supplies to create a product of your choosing.  And you can bet many of these Home 3D print manufacturers may very well make a little profit selling their unique printed products to others.

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