Sophia the Robot is Test Model for Larger A.I Blockchain, SingularityNet

Sophia the Robot is a test for a broader A.I that will exist on SingularityNet, which is an A.I blockchain.  Ben Goertzel, the chief scientist behind the creation of Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen of a nation, Saudi Arabia (I wonder if she pays taxes), says that Sophia is the face of SingularityNet, which he also co-founded.

Hong Kong scientist behind Sophia the robot sets sights on artificial intelligence app store

Ben Goertzel, the chief scientist at Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, the company behind Sophia, has cofounded SingularityNET, a Swiss non-profit that hopes to bring together AI and blockchain technology in a marketplace in the cloud.

The company aims to let AI developers upload their work to the cloud, where it can then be tapped by others for adding capabilities to robots such as Sophia. Blockchain is the technology used for verifying and recording transactions that is at the heart of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

“It will be a decentralised app store for AI,” said Goertzel. “The idea behind it is that anyone can put their AI online, on our app store, and then any business that needs AI as a service can buy it from the store.”

As the site is run by blockchain technology, customers pay for the different AI applications using cryptocurrencies.

For instance, you are a children’s toymaker who has created a walking toy bear that you need to move around and avoid obstacles. Instead of taking on the costly task of developing your own proprietary AI code, you would turn to SingularityNET and purchase that piece of AI straight from the cloud.

Goertzel hopes to do for AI what Apple’s App store and Google’s play store did for smartphone apps.

Which is where Sophia comes in.

“She’s a test case,” said Goertzel. “If you ask her a question about something she doesn’t know about, she could [send a ] request to SingularityNET, which knows the answer.”

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