South Dakota Legislature Battles Own State College Over Free Speech Rights

From our Longer Leash files, it seems that the South Dakota Legislature may be considering rolling back the draconian anti-speech regs on college campuses.  Thanks, guys.

South Dakota to Consider Free Speech Bill After College Under Fire for Restrictive Codes

A free speech bill, scheduled for considerationin South Dakota’s legislature this week, is sparking national attention. The bill was put into place after FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, took notice of the policies at the state’s flagship school, the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, and gave the college the rating of a “Red Light” because of its restricting codes.

FIRE found two especially worrisome rules in the school’s code. The first is that the Student Handbook states, “Using university property (i.e., the USD internet server) to bully other students (cyber bullying) or express feelings of hatred via Facebook, Twitter, email or other forms of social media is not allowed.” The second is the university’s free-speech policy, which declares, “the Muenster University Center, Muenster University Center Courtyard, and the I.D. Weeks Library Courtyard” are the only areas where free speech is allowed.

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