State Dept Funding Oppo Media Against Pro-American PM of Hungary

In a rich irony of ironies, it appears that the State Department is busy funding opposition media to counter the current Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbain.  The Prime Minister is a supporter of President Trump and a close American ally, so why is the State Department funding opposition media in that country?  Given the cries of Russian meddling in American politics through alternative and social media, why is the State Department doing the same thing, AND in opposition to an American ally?
This would fall into the category of “Things that make you go…hmmmmmm.”

GOP lawmaker asks State Dept to stop funding independent media in Hungary

 GOP congressman is asking lawmakers to sign onto a letter urging the State Department to pull funding for independent media in Hungary.

In a “Dear Colleague” letter, Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) decried actions by the U.S. that he said “distorted the record” of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, saying that the State Department’s decision to put up funding for “opposition media” in the country amounted to meddling in the domestic politics of a democratic ally.

“Prime Minister Orban has been a vocal supporter of President Trump since early on in the campaign and Orban’s approaches to many policy issues … closely mirror those of President Trump,” Harris wrote in the letter, which was obtained by Politico Europe.

Orbán has pointed fingers at Hungarian-American billionaire financier George Soros, whose Open Society Foundation funds liberal nonprofit groups and nongovernmental organizations around the world, including in Hungary.

Last year, the country’s parliament passed a law that appeared to be geared toward forcing the closure of Central European University, a school founded by Soros. That move was condemned by the U.S., which accused the Hungarian government of placing “discriminatory, onerous requirements” on the institution.

“Just as President Trump has declared ‘America First’ so too has Hungary pursued its own national interests, many times in the face of liberal, Soros funded, opposition,” Harris added.

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